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You made it! Thanks for stopping by. This is a faith-based website for everyday exceptional women in the world, just like you! The Renaissance Woman (REN Woman) webpage exists to heal, encourage, equip and empower the woman inside of you.  The REN Woman webpage speaks to Renaissance Women of the 21st Century.

The Renaissance Woman is a smart woman, a thinker, a business woman, a wife and a lover, educated but also has a sassy & questionable edge to her. Most importantly, the REN Woman is in need of a rebirth or revival.  JUMP IN!!!!! and explore the site!





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Welcome to the site and please take the ride with me as I blog and write about life as a Renaissance Woman. This site exists as a way for me to share with the world my life journey and to support the healing, encouraging, equipping empowering of other women-other Renaissance Women! 

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The actual Book club is hosted through a FB group.

Each month a new book is introduced to the book club.

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